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5 Major Keys That Encourage Black Business Growth & Success

I have literally lost count of the number of times that I have heard people in passing, friends, several associates, and even myself say, “I like supporting us, but we have got to do better!” These are the sentiments of frustrated customers who genuinely want to support black businesses, but are sometimes discouraged from doing so because of areas that are lacking. Here are 5 keys to be cognizant of that could make or break the success of our businesses, and in turn, allow us to compete at higher levels.

1. Quality Products/Services

We shouldn’t skimp on service or provide poor quality products just to say that we’re “in business” or selling something. We should provide the type of service and products that we would want to receive and use ourselves. In addition to that, do not to try to swindle your customers. Yes, you are in business to make a profit, however, overpricing your products, especially when the exact same item can be found everywhere online for 50-75% less, is not providing good quality or value to your customers.

2. Customer Service/Attitude

Customer service and attitude is a major factor in attracting and retaining customers. Have you ever loved a product or service, but refused to ever do business with a certain vendor again solely based on an unpleasant customer service experience? Yes, you say? So have I. We have to leave the attitudes at home and bring out that “Chick-Fil-A-esque” customer service. We should not only deliver great products and services, but also leave customers with good vibes.

3. Punctuality

Being on time is very important when opening and running a business. Your customers should not show up to your restaurant, repair shop, or whatever business you have that opens at a certain time, and have to sit there and wait on you beyond that designated time. It is not a good look. It shows a lack of professionalism, and basically says that you do not value your customers’ time.

4. Responsiveness/Communication

When providing a product or service, it is imperative that you communicate status and respond to customer inquiries and requests in a timely fashion. You should not ignore your customers nor should your customers have to chase you down in order to receive updates on the product or services that they are paying you to provide to them.

5. Parking

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, whether it is a reception hall, a boutique, or a restaurant, having adequate parking is something that should seriously be taken into consideration. No one wants to circle the block 15 times in hopes that someone leaves soon or be forced to park miles away and have to walk past who knows what, because there is insufficient parking available. Having adequate parking close by provides customers with both convenience and safety.

These key components to business growth and success can be used for anyone’s business; whether you are black, white, brown, or purple, but it’s Black History Month and I’m focused on us right now, and our success. I just want to see us be great. It is a wonderful feeling to support your own, and we should just make it easier to do so.


Candidly C

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