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Avoid a Digital Doom & Return to Your Senses: Book Review

“Bzz, bzz, bzzzt!” Tammy’s alarm clock sounded Friday morning at 4 a.m. She was still exhausted from stuffing her face with every food you could think of, and laughing the night away with family and friends. Despite this, she was determined to take advantage of the “Black Friday” sales. She got up, threw on her sweats, and was out the door within minutes. She arrived at a predictably, already packed mall. She couldn’t find any close parking, so she ended up on the lowest level of a parking garage. She made her way inside the store to a chaotic scene. There were people everywhere aggressively snatching up all that they could. She found a few items, waited in a line for 45 minutes, and then headed back out to leave.

Tammy walked down the stairs, and was now on the second to the last lower level of the parking garage. She yawned, received a notification on her phone, and then pulled it out to view the incoming text. All of sudden, a guy dressed in all black with a plastic mask that distorted his features, ambushed Tammy. He cupped his hand over her mouth, which held a substance that put her to sleep, while dragging her to a dark, unmarked delivery truck. He threw her in the back, slammed the door, and drove off.

It only takes seconds for us to be distracted, and to heighten the level of danger we expose ourselves to. The number one distraction for us today is technology, and a lot of us have lost touch with being in the present, aware, and, most importantly, taking full advantage of our God-given senses.

I recently had a chance to read, Return to Your Senses: Save Yourself Before Technology Kills You, which I am sure would have helped Tammy to avoid meeting an unfortunate fate. The author, Ronald D. Eastman II, takes you on an incredible three-part journey that flows seamlessly, illustrating why it is imperative for us to use our senses; as well as how to use our senses, instead of relying so heavily on technology.

He begins by inviting you in for an intimate and unfiltered look at his life, and tragic instances where his senses always somehow alerted him of danger. I was able to identify with Eastman because of the sheer realness and vulnerability he had in sharing his story. Many of us can relate to the abuse he endured, and it was very heartbreaking. At the same time, it provides hope to others that it is very possible to progress and move beyond your pain and circumstances. So many people allow abuse and pain from the past to deter them from rising above it, and living their best lives. Eastman was not one of those people. He shared his moments of being lost, broken, and of how he turned tragedy into triumph. He was able to turn what once seemed to be a bleak and hopeless future, into an honorable, successful, and purpose driven life by tapping into his senses.

This page-turning work leads you through military life, and into the fascinating world of executive protection where he gets into the crux of how to use your reptilian brain to make decisions that aid in safety, in deescalating potentially hostile situations, as well as finding your ideal mate. He shows us how we should use our naturally built-in alert systems such as the hair standing on the back of our necks and even smells to protect us. He also stresses the importance of being vigilant of your surroundings, of people around you, and their behavior. In a nutshell, he uses various examples, interesting anecdotes, and informative research studies to demonstrate why we should be led more by our senses and emotions rather than by technology.

Had Tammy been looking and listening instead of, like most of us, tending to our technological devices like newborns, she may have sensed danger and been able to react accordingly in order to save her life. I’ve always thought of myself as a very alert and observant person, however, after reading, Return to Your Senses, I have become even more aware of the things around me, and the signals that my senses give me. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who utilizes any form of technology, who has experienced abuse, or someone who just needs to find inspiration to live a more fulfilling life. I guarantee that you will walk away informed, enlightened, and more in tuned with your senses.


Candidly C

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