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Chivalry Is Still Alive: 7 Habits of a True Gentleman

Travel back with me to a time where the pompadour, poodle skirts, and Mary Jane’s were all the rage. Although a lot of us do not miss the styles and fashion of that era, we, as women, do long for the chivalry that was automatically attached to the courting process of that time. Bobby Joe would properly ask you out on a date, show up on your doorstep with flowers, and help you in and out of the car. He wouldn’t dream of having you pay for the date, and would adorn your shoulders with his jacket if he received even the slightest hint that you were cold. It was a beautiful time in terms of men being true gentlemen; doing all of the things that make us feel delicate, feminine, and cared for by a man.

Although not as widespread, common, and valued as in decades past, some men today are keeping chivalry alive. Ladies, there is hope, and there are men out there who still believe in old-fashioned courting. Take a look at these seven habits you will find when dating a true gentleman.

1. Opening All Doors

I think we can pretty much agree that it is still commonplace for most men to open doors to buildings for women. What about the car doors? Helping you in AND out of the car? That doesn’t happen as frequently now, but some men are staying true to the basics of chivalry and going, what is now, that extra mile.

2. Helping You With Your Chair

Pulling out your chair, and making sure you are comfortably seated is, again, included in Chivalry 101. It is something that came second nature to men in the past, not as much now. Another missing piece to the puzzle that even fewer men do now is helping you out of your seat when leaving the table. Gold star for the men who come through with the follow-through!

3. Gives Up His Seat

Speaking of seats, have you ever been in a crowded room with seats filled, and witnessed men sitting while some women stood? Seeing that, for me, is the equivalent of someone dragging his or her nails across a chalkboard. It’s annoying, and isn’t characteristic of a gentleman. Let’s have a round of applause for the men that offer their seats to women—both young and old. Bravo! You guys were clearly raised right!

4. Unexpected, Thoughtful Gifts or Gestures

Nope, I am not referring to that necklace he gave you on your birthday or that bouquet of roses that he gave you on Valentine’s Day like every other man was forced to give the women in their lives. I am talking about those unforced, genuine, and thoughtful gifts that take you by surprise. It could be flowers or gifts “just because,” random love notes placed in the bathroom or in your car, or unexpectedly bringing you lunch at work. These things make women feel genuinely loved and cared for. Remember, chivalrous men are thoughtful and considerate.

5. Bringing a Small Gift When Meeting the Parents

When going to meet the parents, bringing some type of small gift, whether it be flowers for her mother or a small token to contribute to the household, is something that gentleman still partake in. It is basic etiquette, but is much appreciated when men honor it today.

6. Sidewalk Positioning

A true gentleman always walks on the outside of the sidewalk. This is to ensure your safety and protection should a curbside incident occur. Showing care and concern for your well-being are things that gentlemen do.

7. He Makes Sure You’re Home Safely

Making sure you’re safe and sound also shows concern for your well-being. Walking you to your door, making sure you’re safely inside of your house, or calling to make sure you made it home in one piece are all ways of doing this. These are signs of a person who cares about you or, at the very least, a gentleman who was taught etiquette.

These gestures, though subtle, make all the difference and contribute to a positive dating experience. After weeding through the guys who wouldn’t know how to treat a woman if a “How to Treat a Woman for Dummies” book clucked them in the head, there are some good men left that will give you that “old school, Bobby Joe” treatment. The key is to pay attention to the subtleties, to not settle for less, and to not discredit the men who still do these things. Appreciate their effort at keeping age old, dating courtesy alive and kicking!


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