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Growth: Transitioning Into Your Next Season

David sat in his living room, glued to his laptop. He was finishing up work he took home for the weekend. It was 8:15 p.m. on a Friday night, and like clockwork his phone buzzed with a group chat message from James.

“Aye, y’all talkin’ bout hitting Moves tonight?”

Greg replied first, “Yeah, I’m down.”

David said, “Nah, I’m gonna let y’all have it. I have work to finish up.”

James buzzed in again, “Really D? You skipped the last three Fridays. I know them people ain’t working you THAT hard, and I know you wanna get at these females.”

Greg chimed in, “Yeah, what’s really up?”

David replied, “Honestly, I’m just not feeling that scene anymore. It’s the same thing every Friday. Same watered down drinks, and the same chicks. I’m trying to get at a woman who thinks about more than bundles, reality TV, and whether or not I’m gonna sponsor her next drink.”

James sent a crying/laughing emoji.

David went on, “I’m serious, man! Something new and different would be cool. Other than that, I’m good with putting in this extra work.”

Greg said, “Man, you sleep! Moves is still the spot, but suit yourself. James, I’ll be headed that way at 9:45. Have fun being boring, D! Lol!”

“Bet! I guess we’ll catch you some other time,” James said, ending the conversation.

David, Greg, and James had been friends since high school. After high school, James and David went off to college. Greg went straight into the workforce, and found a job as a technician in a warehouse. After college, David and James returned to their hometown to begin their careers. James was a teacher, and David was an attorney. They linked back up with Greg like they had never left, and had an ongoing tradition for the last three years of going out to the same set of clubs every weekend, and sometimes, throughout the week as well.

The following morning, James received a call from one of his church members, Leonard, who told him about a barbecue for young professionals that would have live music and games.

“Hey man, sorry for the late notice, but I thought you would definitely want to attend. I’m going about 3 if you want to meet there,” Leonard told David.

David said, “Ok, cool. Sounds good. I’ll see you there.”

David had a great time at the barbecue, made a few business contacts, and even exchanged numbers with an ambitious, beautiful, and educated lady as well.

He thanked Leonard for inviting him, and figured he should take Leonard up on more of his event invites seeing as they shared the same interests and mindset. David had reached a point where the routine he and his friends had formed was no longer enjoyable to him. His friends, on the other hand, were still content with doing things as they always had. On top of David being an attorney, he was a budding business owner, and was looking for more than what those clubs had to offer. He wanted to have fun, but he yearned for something that would foster growth, new experiences, and new perspectives.

Change is constant in all of our lives; but when that change is accompanied by growth, it is a beautiful and positive experience. Whether we are trying to reach new levels professionally or personally, maturation is critical. Sometimes we outgrow situations and, even people, and in order to move to higher heights, we have to be open to moving onward and upward.


Candidly C

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