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Intangible Blessings That Come From Catastrophic Events

An unexpected, terrible event occurs. You lose your material possessions, and become displaced. Yes, it is devastating. Yes, it will probably conjure up sad and negative emotions. However, despite all that you have gone through, there are some intangible, positive things that you can gain from your experience.

Test of Faith or Introduction to Faith

For people who believe in a higher power, these times test your faith and allow you to take refuge in God. This is the time where you prove your faith, and truly acknowledge that God is in control and will take care of you. Sometimes catastrophic events are used to introduce others who don’t know God or re-introduce Him to those who have strayed. The good news is that no matter how far you stray, whenever you are ready and willing, God is always waiting with open arms. Gaining or strengthening your faith is an invaluable blessing to acquire when going through hard times.

A Renewed Care & Love for Humanity

There is so much conflict, negativity, and tension experienced daily that is intended to divide people. With major national disasters, like Hurricane Katrina, and presently, Hurricane Harvey, you can see more people coming together for the greater good of others. These terrible circumstances remind us of our duty as human beings to help one another. It is both, heart-warming and remarkable to see people of all ages, genders, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds working together in harmony to ensure the well-being of people in need. This is also a noteworthy blessing, not only because it increases our level of unity and care for others, but because it reassures us that there are still good people in this world.

Appreciation/Attitude of Gratitude

When was the last time you thought about housing, lights, water or just the fact that you are alive? Those are things we take for granted on a daily basis that we don’t think much of when things are going well. Disastrous events have their way of humbling us, and making us thankful for the things we have been blessed with. Gratitude builds character. Therefore, even if you are only able to walk away from a devastating event with your life and improvements in your character, you are blessed. Going through a crisis is sometimes a wake up call to open our eyes to the things that are most important in life, and to remind us that we should not take anything for granted. We cannot control some of the things that happen to us, especially not natural disasters. Nonetheless, we are in total control of the way we respond and how we view our circumstances. Every cloud has a silver lining, so there is always good to be seen in bad situations. We have a choice to either let the negative things that we experience bring us down or use the positives to build us up.


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