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Speaking of Taking Risks...

This was an African-inspired shoot that showcases Ankara patterns, and the implied nudity was definitely a leap out of my comfort zone. “What will they think? What will they say?” These were the initial thoughts racing through my mind. Although, after completing the shoot, those thoughts became a distant memory. Why? For one, it was done. For two, I realized I actually don’t care what “they” think.

We sometimes get so caught up in what other people will say or think about us, that it stifles us from doing anything. Besides, more often than not, that group of “they” ain’t doing sh*t. *wink wink* Remember, people are going to have SOMETHING to say no matter what you choose to do, so do you!

I’m so glad that I trusted the photographer and allowed him to create. The outcome? A beautifully liberating experience for me, as well as an amazing image!


Candidly C

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