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The Process of Reaching Our Goals & Dreams

Dana waited patiently in a line that seemed to wrap around the building twice. It was a busy, bustling scene, some reciting lines to themselves while others used the time to chitchat. This audition was for a major film studio, and was one of the biggest auditions Dana had ever gone out for. Dana was nervous, as always when she goes to an audition, but despite the magnitude of this production, she felt more confident than she ever had before.

Dana had spent the last six years after college going to acting classes, and auditioning for any and every role that she could. She had an agent, and had done quite a bit of work as an extra, but had yet to land anything substantial. If she had been given $100 for every “No” she received, she would’ve easily been able to pay off her hefty school loans. There were times when Dana would get frustrated, cry, and would come close to giving up, but she couldn’t. She loved acting. She loved the way she felt when she stepped on stage and got into character. It was her passion.

Dana was finally called in to slate and give her monologue. When she was done, she looked to the casting directors for their reactions, and just got blank stares. After an awkward pause, one of them spoke saying, “Thank you. We’ll be in touch.” Dana walked out thinking to herself, “Another, no.” She walked a few blocks and then her mood changed after replaying her audition in her head. She then began smiling to herself, saying, “Man, I don’t care what they thought. I killed that one!”

Dana went home, and immediately started studying more material. Even though she didn’t get the response she had hoped for at that time, she appreciated her craft and her progression in it.

A week later while sitting in a café, drinking coffee, and reading a script on her laptop, she received an unexpected call. It was her agent, Mark. He called to let her know that she had landed the supporting actress role in the drama she had auditioned for the week prior. He said that they were in awe of her delivery and felt that she would be perfect for the role. Dana could not contain her excitement. She jumped up, almost spilling her coffee saying,

“Don’t play, Mark! Are you serious?”

Mark laughed and said, “Yes, I’m very serious. You’re well on your way. Come in to the office tomorrow about 10, and we’ll go over the contract, scheduling, and all of that.”

“Oh my God! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will see you then!”

Dana had three things that we all must have if we want to reach our goals or make our dreams come true: passion, patience, and perseverance. When we have a passion for something, we enjoy it, we live it, and we breathe it. Even when we get frustrated with it or feel like giving up, our passion for it won’t allow us to. Finding that thing that makes you tick is essential because it is something that you naturally want to work at, and it continually propels you forward.

Being patient, persevering, and knowing that your time will eventually come is crucial. What if Dana looked at all of the time she had invested with little to no results, and had given up right before this big audition? She would have never seen her dreams materialize. We may get frustrated and down in the dumps when things aren’t happening when we want them to, and that’s natural, but we shouldn’t remain in that defeated state. Recharge and get back to work! It is so important for us to work diligently at the things we are passionate about no matter the obstacles we face because our breakthrough may just be right around the corner.


Candidly C ;-)

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