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Unreasonable Expectations: When Lifestyle & Prayers Aren't In Alignment

It was a Saturday morning about 9:30 a.m. Bianca began to stir under a disheveled, beige comforter as the sun peered brightly through her thin lilac curtains. Her senses were aroused by scents of morning delights being prepared in her kitchen. Moments later, Austin appeared at the door with a tray in hand. There on the tray was a plate with toast, eggs, grits and bacon, a mimosa with a strawberry that straddled the rim of the glass, and a long-stemmed rose that laid along the top of the tray.

“Good morning, beautiful! I hope you’re hungry,” Austin said walking towards the bed.

“Good morning, you’re just too sweet. I’m starving,” Bianca said as she stretched and sat upright in the bed.

Austin gave Bianca a kiss, and then she wasted no time in chowing down on her breakfast. While eating, Bianca thought about how attentive, and thoughtful Austin was. She loved spending time with him, and loved how he made her feel. Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted by the buzz of Austin’s phone.

He answered.

“Good morning, I thought you would be here by 9?” the caller inquired.

“My flight was delayed. I will be there soon,” Austin answered.

“I hope soon enough for Kevin’s game.”

“I’m not going to miss his game. I will be there in about an hour,” Austin replied.

“Ok then, goodbye,” the caller said just before hanging up.

It was Melanie, Austin’s wife.

Austin looked over at Bianca, and told her that he hated that he had to leave, but he had to go to his son’s basketball game. He got dressed, and then she walked him to the door.

“I will try to come back later. Would you like that?”

“Of course. You’re always welcomed here,” Bianca said as she kissed her lover goodbye.

Bianca closed the door, and went back to her bed and also back to her thoughts. She was 32 years old, and longed for a husband of her own. She thought about how she had prayed many nights to be sent the husband of her dreams. She prayed about all the specific qualities he would possess, including being faithful, but until then, she was more than willing to be with Austin on the weekend.

This isn’t a new narrative. The role of a side chick or side guy has been a widespread societal fixture since the beginning of time. However, it is vexing, and quite asinine, that people are so willing to interrupt and threaten someone else’s marital situation, yet want and expect only good things for themselves.

How counterproductive was it for Bianca to pray for a good and faithful man to be sent to her, while simultaneously being an active participant in a man dishonoring the commitment that he made to God and to another woman? Umm, it was extremely counterproductive. She essentially was playing the villain in what should have been someone else’s happily ever after tale. Bianca is one of many, and it is past time to do better, and to not think and act so selfishly. You can’t expect happiness for yourself while bringing misery to others, and by not doing what it is right. It just does not work that way. If you want to be granted the desires of your heart, it would be beneficial to have your heart in the right place, adopt the golden rule, and to move in ways that don’t contradict what you want.


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