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White and Bright Teeth, Naturally!

Everyone loves a great smile, and would like for his or her teeth to be as white and bright as possible, right? I’m sure there is SOMEBODY out there reading that wants to be difficult and say “No, not everyone.” Well for those who would prefer not to walk around looking like you’ve been eating Cheetos and chewing on sticks of butter all day; I have a natural solution that I would like to share with you!

I suffer from tooth sensitivity, and although my dentist told me that I could still get professional teeth whitening done, I didn’t think I could tolerate my teeth being any more sensitive than they already are. I decided to take an alternative and natural route, and I am pleased with the results thus far. Now, I have only been using this alternative for roughly 3 weeks now about 4 to 5 times a week, but I can’t wait to see the results after a few months of use. What exactly is it that I’m using to naturally whiten my teeth? Activated charcoal!

It may seem weird or different to some, but charcoal really does whiten the teeth as well as absorb toxins in the mouth, kills bad bacteria, and assists in preventing cavities. All excellent benefits if you ask me!

Side note: Since activated charcoal is highly absorbent, it is commonly used for any type of poisoning. When ingested the body doesn’t absorb it. The toxins/poison adhere to the surface of the charcoal, and it makes its way through the gastrointestinal tract; then expelled from the digestive system.

How do I use it on my teeth? I use 2 very simple methods:

  • For the first method, all you will need is your toothbrush, water, activated charcoal (I have it in pill form as shown below), and a saucer (optional). Break open a pill or two on a saucer (you can place it on whatever you like), wet your toothbrush, and dip your toothbrush in the charcoal. You then brush as you normally would. As mentioned above, my teeth are sensitive so I follow up with my Sensodyne toothpaste. I use this method twice a week.

  • The second method is used because I can imagine that using method one constantly, could be abrasive to the surface of my teeth. With this method all you need is your activated charcoal, water, and a Q-tip. Once again, if you have the pill form, like I do, break open a pill. Next, you want to dampen your Q-tip just a tad, and dip it in the charcoal. You will then paint the surface of your teeth with it, and let it sit for about 3 minutes, then rinse. I use this method 2 to 3 times per week.

Simple enough, right? Try it out. Let me know your thoughts on it, as well as any other solutions that may be working for you. Happy whitening!


Candidly C

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